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About us

Siyaya Phambili Projects (pty)ltd


Striving towards A HIGH STANDARD OF QUALITY AT COMPETITIVE PRICES. The group is a South African owned operation that is determined to succeed and outclass the majority of competitors.


To strive for customers satisfaction at all times. Always making sure that customers’ need is interpreted as customer wants them, not as we think customers want them. A project is not successful unless is completed on time, qualifies client’s specifications and completed within budget To keep up-breast with ever changing technology and operations method for the benefit of our client. To ensure value for money

Understanding of our client’s specification drives our approach of performing beyond expectations. To ensure commitment of providing quality service and maintaining a high standard of professionalism. Confidentiality about our client information is the key to our business. We are firmly grounded on the principles of UBUNTU. We also uphold the code of ethics and corporate governance principles. We are also committed to the conservation of the environment and the delivering of Quality products and services to our clients. This will be done cost effectively and achieved by managing risks and implementing safe and standardized systems of work.

Siyaya Phambili has a legal and moral obligation to safeguard all employees and the public against injury and disease, as well as risks to Health & Safety, from all operations associated with its business.

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